39 Turner Pl
Brooklyn, NY 11218-3417

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We got bed bugs about two weeks ago, after having been here since the beginning of May. I talked to our neighbor, and it turns out they've had a major infestation for 5-6 months. They had no idea that it was the landlord's responsibility to have the apartment exterminated. This is our neighbor's second infestation (the first was 2-3 years ago). I'm quite positive that the bugs came from their apartment, likely from under the baseboards, which the builders did not caulk properly (we are the first

tenants since a gut renovation).

This neighbor informed today that the building has infestation problems, and recommended that we move from the building. He said all this while a bed bug crawled across his turban.

We are currently looking into our options in terms of breaking our lease and moving out.

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The bed bugs have returned. 2nd infestation in 3 years. Landlord pays for quality exterminators but it only fixes my apartment after the hell of treatment. The building needs to be treated all over and then maybe they will be gone.

Found bed bugs about a month ago not sure where they came from. Maybe followed me into the building from a moving van or were already in the building. I contacted the building management and I am looking into finding a non toxic exterminator.

We have bedbugs.

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