209 Lincoln Pl
Brooklyn, NY 11217-3702

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In March 2011 a 4th-floor unit reported a 'minor' infestation after the tenants returned from traveling, according to the Super. Canine inspection in my 3rd-floor unit detected no bugs. The Super reported that all units adjacent to the infested one sniffed clean, too. The 4th-floor unit was sealed (door was taped) and treated (no idea how). Three weeks later the Super reported that a follow-up canine inspection of the treated apartment was negative. Don't know if any other adjacent units we

re inspected a second time, but my 3rd floor unit was not. FWIW, this building is a pretty clean and quiet co-op, approx half rental, with tons of little kids.

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An update: the entire building underwent an extensive inspection by a bedbug-sniffing canine and then treatment for bedbugs in September of 2009. This included complete extermination for those apartments that had received a positive result for bedbugs, and preventative treatment for common areas and those apartments that had received a negative result for bedbugs. In January of 2010, all apartments were re-inspected, and no live scent of bedbugs was detected in the building. Preventative trea

tment continues to be ongoing.

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Can you please update this post with your current status - was the problem resolved at this location?


1 Apartment on the third floor infested several weeks ago, then another last week, and a third this week. When the first apartment was treated neighboring apartments were not inspected or treated. No notification to neighbors that first apartment was treated.

For the last couple of weeks we had noticed strange bug bites on our son. They matched the bites on friends when they had fought bedbugs, and there was a new bite every morning after he'd slept. When he slept with us there were initially no new bites, but eventually he still got them, as did our daughter. But we could not find anything until Friday, when we saw something moving on his bed frame. That was enough for us & we got an exterminator in right away. Since then we found some live and s

ome dead on OUR bedframe, but since the extermination no new bites. We have since learned that another apartment on our floor had bedbugs about a month ago and we were not informed. One additional neighbor on our floor saw a bug in her bed today. I desperately hope we are done with this, but as building management hasn't exterminated the apartments and floors around us I fear they will just keep moving around and eventually come back to us. Hope I am wrong.

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