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My apartment is infested because it took me a half-year to realize what it
was. There was no evidence, except my welts/hives and since my spouse
didn't have the same, we thought it was me that had an allergy to
something. My landlord sent an exterminator who was in and out in 10
minutes and didn't do much to help. They wanted nothing to do with moving
the furniture to exterminate where they were hiding (they were NOT in my
mattress, but in my particle board type platform bed and behind

headboard). We packed up everything, except furniture, in Zip-Loc bags
and moved to our upstate home, which was supposed to be a weekend home. I
found out that 2 other apartments had bed bugs, one in my line above me
and one next to me and one floor above, prior to my receiving my first
bite, last June 14.

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