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Sat. October 17, 2015 - I went to the movies at the Pavilion Theater (for the last time!). It has become such a dive. During the night I awoke because of itching. In the morning I discovered a cluster of 6 bites on my torso that are definitely bed bug bites (as per Google images). I waited two days and called dog detectives who confirmed one dead and one live bug in the bedroom. I know I caught them early and hope that ridding them won't be as time consuming and expensive as I've heard from peop

le who found bugs later in the game. Full disclosure, we got a new mattress from Sleepy's on Saturday and I can't rule out that the bug came from their warehouse.Buyers beware!

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Bed bugs are still running rampant here. I went to two movies about a month ago and felt like I was getting bitten on my legs, and lo and behold we found a bed bug on our sheets two days later. Hoping it was the only one (wishful thinking), we killed it and ignored it. I've been waking up with bites regularly for the past two weeks and found another bed bug this morning. Now to begin the loooong process of getting everything treated. DON'T GO HERE.

This theater definitely has bed bugs again (last report was in 2010). I went to a movie on Friday night and noticed 7 bites on my left elbow and 2 bites on my right hand the next morning. I've never had a bed bug bite before, but after googling the bite descriptions and images, this is definitely a match. This theater is filthy as it is, but I wasn't expecting this. I will NEVER return.

On 11/20/10 went to the movies. We had heard the Pavillion had had bedbugs in the past but were told they had handled the infestation. Just to be on the safe side, we left clothes out for ourselves in the front hall and changed as soon as we came home, bagging the "movie clothes" in plastic, just in case. 10 minutes later, while sitting in my robe, a bedbug was spotted walking on the collar. It must have come out of my hair. EWW!

I am a normal customer of this theater. My boyfriend and I went to the movies on the 8th of Septemeber. While sitting we both felt itching while watching the movie. The next morning, I notice many bites on my lower back side. This place is infested with these pesty creatures...Do Not Go There.

This place in infested with bed bugs.

A few days ago I was leaving the Theatre with my girlfriend at around 11:55 pm when I saw a bunch of men with large crates and hoses in the lobby, I asked what was going on and he said that Bed Bugs had been found in all of the older theatres with the Purple seats. Then I was at the Windsor Cafe Yesterday when I overheard some people saying that even more Bed Begs were found on the first floor of the building.

My partner and I went here on 9/1/2009, and I noticed three bites in a tell-tale time after we left. We do not have bedbugs in our home, so I can only assume they came from spending 2.5 hours in the dark theater.

I was once bitten by bedbugs in 2006, in a hotel in Canada, and I had a strong reaction. This time, the reaction is less intense.

I tried to escape the heat two times this week. I went to the Pavilion Movie Theater. On both occasions, hours later, I had bed bug bites on my legs. I think that theater must be infested!

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