312 Prospect Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11215-5509

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This apartment has had a bed bug infestation since August 2012, at which point the tenants paid for and conducted a dog inspection on the 5th and a bed bug was found in the house. Since this inspection, our landlord has had his pest control company spray the apartment for bed bugs six times (on August 9th, August 30th, September 13th, October 6th, October 27th, and December 13) with Suspend SC, exposing us repeatedly to noxious chemicals

over the course of the last four months. Despite these attempts to rid the house of bed bugs, they continue to come back. The pest control company has cited full building infestation and unsealed walls as potential causes for this repeat infestation.

In accordance with New York City's Housing and Maintenance Code, Subchapter 2, Article 4, landlords are responsible for maintaining a pest-free property. Unfortunately, this legal expectation has not been met. The house remains unlivable, with both tenants living with their belongings in plastic bags and repeatedly being bitten. For this reason, we will vacate the premises this Friday, with the expectation that our deposit may serve as our final month's rent.

Unfortunately, our landlord will not pay for the Vikane moving truck we've hired to ensure nothing hitchhikes within our belongings.

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Second floor apt.

Hired a K9 through M & M pest control to investigate. No hits for the dog (i.e., no live activity, no eggs throughout the apt.

Investigator did a visual inspection, found one bed bug in the door jam of the back bedroom. The bug likely came in through unsealed floorboards/piping in the bedroom, or possibly the exposed brick wall.

Landlord notified, still have yet to hear back after a day of back and forth. Hoping the pest control guy they have on hand at MAG Realty C

orp is competent enough to handle this and will actually treat the adjacent apartments as well....

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