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8/17 Further update: tenant in 3R has found actual insects; tenant in 2R is still cleaning and looking for bugs, and getting bitten every night, and the landlord is now trying to find a better way to attack what they now acknowledge is a systemic problem. The landlord stresses that in cases like these, their biggest roadblocks to treatment have been non-compliant tenants. We remind the landlord that they have a legal right to inspect and treat the apartments of such tenants.

Sorry to dispute but bedbugs WERE seen and treated in 1F twice in 2 weeks as the tenant was being bitten within two days of spraying (first treatment on July 13th). Tenant in 2R has had NO relief either, after her bedroom (only) was also treated on 8/14 (still being bitten every night). The pesticide is clearly not working, and the bugs are "in the walls" (as already acknowledged both by landlord and the exterminator on Friday). Landlord is denying the extent of the problem and spot treating t

o meet NYC guidelines without addressing the need to eradicate an "about-to-erupt" infestation.

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08/15/09 - Update on bedbug report: according to exterminator and tenant search, there's no evidence of bedbugs - report might have jumped the gun reporting this as bedbugs, specifically. Just want to be fair and not alarmist with this report.

08/14/09 Last night, apartment 2R reported bedbugs. Today, it was confirmed that the apartment across from 2R had them, and that apt 1F had previously been sprayed, but none of the other tenants had been notified. They are not spraying the entire building, and the exterminator thinks that they are in the walls of the building. Tenant in 2R was told by management not to tell anyone else in the building about the bugs.

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