686 10th St
Brooklyn, NY 11215-4502

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Our apartment was infested due to a mishandled infestation in the building and we had repeated treatments to no avail. We spent tons of money on laundering, cleaning up after EVERY treatment, eating out every time we had to evacuate the apt for several hours, ruined clothes/shoes due to hot laundering and spray residue, etc etc. The worst part was, I saw the first bedbug crawl out from under my 10 day old newborn as I was nursing her, and then over the coming months she was repeatedly bitten!!

We all were. It was a nightmare. The brickwork was even enclosed as they love to hide in it, but they kept coming back. We never got rid of them, just had to move (more $$!). Brooklyn/NYC is infested. Beware. Also, many people in BK leave things on their stoops for others to take, which is a nice idea but not something we ever did as the risk is simply too high. Now live in the burbs, bedbug free!!

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My 8 year old son has been getting small bites since we moved in to the apt this past October. As first I thiought it might be mosquitoes but now I"m certain it's bedbugs. Is my landlord responsible for the cost of extermination?

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