371 7th Ave
New York, NY 11215-4305
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Manhatten nyc affinia.
26th May 14. Was packing clothes into a case and noticed a bug on clothes. Caught the bug and checked on Internet, yes bed bug. Reported to reception, head of housekeeping came who confirmed it was a bed bug. Told us they would get the exterminator to check room. We were moved room. The hotel customer service was shocking after this. No call, explanations or anything!!! We tried to ask to see what the outcome was and nothing. Been home a week and I am petrified. So disapp

ointed with the hotel. We just wanted reassurance and to be advised about what to do. Disgusting hotel management.

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I don't know if your daughter was or was not bitten by Bed Bugs but a DR has no way of telling a BB bite from say a spider bite. They can look the same, each person responds differently to BB bites. just FYI.

Sept 3-6, 2011. My infant daughter was bitten about 30 times! I have not received a response from the hotel yet. The rest of our family was not bitten. I believe they were in her crib. The bites were confirmed to be bedbugs by a doctor. This hotel is now called Affinia Manhattan. Maybe the name can be changed on this website so potential customers can find it easier, and know to stay AWAY!

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