500 11th St
Brooklyn, NY 11215-4304

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The building has (according to other tenants) multiple units with bedbugs - at least 4 out of 8. One new tenant moved out/broke lease six months in, allegedly because the problem was so bad in that unit.

I have had bites and repeated encounters (including at least four captured bugs) over the past several months. Each time I have sprayed Bedlam on the mattress (which IS enclosed) and Alpine bedbug spray on the suspected areas, washed bedding and any clothes that were feasibly exposed, and

checked area surrounding bed (bed frame, base boards, furniture, etc.). Never found a nest in the apartment, and encounters are usually around 3 weeks apart, leading us to believe the bugs are repeatedly straying from another unit.

Our unit also had bedbugs in approximately 2008; that time also no nests were found - the exterminator sprayed and things remained uneventful until recent months. After being bite-free for about 3-4 weeks and beginning to 'relax,' I awoke yesterday with 13 bites on my stomach and chest; I now plan to move from the building and wanted it known/recorded that there are problems as the landlord has dismissed others claiming bedbugs as liars.

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