496 11th St
Brooklyn, NY 11215-4304

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April 2012: Apt. 7 reported a bedbug infestation. The super said that they called an exterminator and handled the problem, but that was clearly not the case, as the bedbugs continued to spread.

July 2012: Apt. 5 (directly below Apt. 7) reported a bedbug infestation. The super sent over the same exterminator who, according to the tenant, did nothing to the apartment. The tenant is in the process of procuring their own exterminator from outside sources. However, given that only the apartm

ent will be treated, the bedbugs are likely to simply migrate to another unit-- most likely, Apt. 3, directly below Apt. 5.

In our observation, the landlord, who does not live in NY, has been an absentee landlord at best, and defensive and neglectful at worst.

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