554 7th St
Brooklyn, NY 11215-3707

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I lived on this block a year ago and
I know what building you are talking about VERY WELL.
They had beds in front of that apt on a regular occurrences.
I reported it back then...People would pick up stuff of the street here and I would say. I wouldn't take that BB. They would take it anyway...
U know some people just do not care and I know the samew management brokers moving people into the building. Brokers are suppose to
share this information...That is the least they can do for there

15 minutes of time....

see full report...

It's too horrible to go into, but if you are at this site you have a pretty good idea.
'Been living at this residence for 2.5 years.
Preparing for first extermination of building (so we think!) Emptying closets and finding more and more evidence. UGH!!! I think this was an ongoing problem that's been kept under wraps. Neighbors a few doors down reported bedbugs about a year ago. Problem is rampant on 7th Street I believe. This is a deep-in-the-walls apt building infestation - horrible sweet mu

sty putrid order coming from two bedroom. And they do travel through the buildings!
This is a nightmare and from what I am reading it is not over....

see full report...

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