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I live at 3500 try0n avenue Bronx ny. Global exterminating Airmont ny came to my house, insisted I leave, told me what he used is a highly toxic chemical and I could not enter my apt. for 4-6 hours. I entered my apt. directly after he left. There was no small,no residue of any dusting which was what the receipt said. He did not do an inspection. I complained to [email protected] They apologized and sent the second guy who asked me to smell the solution he said he'd prepared in his

truck but needed tap water from my sink to mix the concoction. I'm sure the reason for this was my complaint of no smell. unlike the first guy who insisted I leave the premise the second guy allowed me to stay with the spraying of this so-called highly toxic pesticide. because I complained of global not doing an inspection. He gave me a quick spot check and determined what I thought were fecal matter stains on my pillow and sheets,he told me i had no bed bugs but, charged my land lord for spraying Gentrol throughout my apt. It smelled like roach spray and what I saw after he left were baby roaches. They did nothing as far as I am concerned so, I hired an outside professional who found 2 bed bugs and as we know where there is one there is many. They say they will come back 11/21/12. I am praying they use a pesticide that will work this time I am completely annoyed with global exterminating company in airmont ny I believe the airmont agency is the same as the brooklyn agency in which I read a similar letter from another person as mine.

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I neglected to mention in the above report involving Global Pest and Green Earth that the apartment was 3L.

I first discovered bites (in the master bedroom) on August 6, 2011. We contacted our landlord and requested that she hire a bedbug-sniffing dog, but she refused. She instead insisted that we use the exterminator she said she had been using for the last ten or so years. She also yelled at me quite a bit because I was reluctant to begin spray treatments without a definitive confirmation of whether or not we had bed bugs. At that point, and throughout the process, we have not seen bugs or signs of

bugs. The company she used was Global Pest Control from Airmont, NY (www.globalexterminating.com). Global Pest sent an inspector on August 9. He did not step foot inside the apartment. Instead, he looked at the bites on my ankles from the stairwell and said we had bed bugs and he left.

We had our first treatment with Global Pest on August 12. We were meticulous with bagging everything and vacuuming, and we took all the precautions as listed on their prep sheet. They also sprayed on August 19 and 26. After the initial three sprayings I was bitten again and so we had a fourth spray treatment on September 8. A week or so after the fourth treatment I again had bites and so did a roommate in the forward room of the apartment.

After a long conversation with our landlord, where we again requested that they hire a bedbug-sniffing dog, they spoke with a few other exterminators and building managers and discovered that Global Pest had in fact been using outdated chemicals that most companies do not even use any more for bedbugs. So we had at this point wasted a month and a half of time, money, and energy using their company.

They then hired Green Earth Pest Control, Inc. Josh at Green Earth was very helpful and professional, as were the technicians. Green Earth sprayed on September 27 and October 4. They had guaranteed that after two sprayings the bedbugs would be eliminated. As of now, October 18, we are crossing our fingers that the problem is resolved, though we are unsure. We plan on hiring a bedbug-sniffing dog at our own expense (Our landlord had Josh inform us they were not required to pay for a post-inspection) at the earliest date possible (the middle of November) so we can know for sure that the problem is eliminated.

Despite the initial yelling and the mistake with Global Pest, our landlords have overall been accommodating and supportive and have covered the costs of the exterminators.

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