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Sigh - I doubt whether the problems in this building will ever be resolved. Rent here by all means...but be aware that sooner or later you will be dealing with bed bugs, which will then be exterminated...until 6 or 7 months later when you will be dealing with the critters again.

August 31st 2010 - current fourth floor resident reporting here. Feel I should update as we haven't had any sightings or bites for a few months now and feel the problem has been solved....thankfully! I was a bit confused as to the recent post here that says the 1st floor resident put infested furniture out on the side-walk - the Landlord occupies the whole 1st floor so it's possible that the person posting has put information for the wrong address as I'm certain the landlord has not had any bedb

At this point in time I'm really hopeful that we're all clear, but I'm ever vigilant!!

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Numerous bedbugs infestations occurred on both the 1st and 4th floor of the building over the past 18 months. 1st floor tenant moved out leaving furniture on the sidewalk with a note stating that they were bed bugs infested. Exterminators came several times over the past 18 months to no avail. Bed bug sightings are still occurring.

4th floor resident reporting here again - April 2010. Bed bugs are back with a vengeance. Residents on 4th floor are having problems and a 3rd floor resident too. Landlord has had exterminator out but we're still having problems despite doing everything humanly possible.

This posting is from the same anonymous posting as earlier today.
Landlord's response has been exceptionally helpful and prompt. They have booked the exterminator for tomorrow and have given helpful advice.

November 2009 - moved into apartment on 4th floor. Received random,infrequent bites - no-one else in the family was bitten so thought it was mosquito bites.
January 2010 - fed up of bites (now my son had some also). Stripped beds and searched...found what appears to be one dead, full size bed bug inside son's bed (bed, mattress and bedding bought brand new in November 2009). Will now inform landlord and neighbours.

(FYI this address is duplicated on the registry - listed both as 'brooklyn' a

nd as 'new york')

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This is the same anonymous tenant that posted 3 days ago. After I saw one live bed bug, our landlords immediately came upstairs and sprayed my bed and my roommate's bed thoroughly with an exterminator-approved bug spray. They also had exterminators come within 24 hours to spray down and thoroughly check our apartment.

The landlords in this building are always very conscientious and respond immediately to any kind of repair problem or apartment request. I was very happy with how quickly the

y solved the bedbug problem.

They've assured me that they will continue to help if I see any kind of resurgence. Moreover, the exterminators will be coming for a check-up and another treatment within 3 months. There is absolutely no sign of any bugs or new bites at this time.

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July 2008 - bedbugs reported on the fourth floor of my 4 floor building.
July 2009 - tenants on the 4th floor reported bedbugs for the second summer in a row and moved out.
August 2009 - my roommate and I received bites all summer and our waiting for confirmation from the lab to determine if the bed bug infestation has moved to our floor (2nd floor.)

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