8860 20th Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11214-7304

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June 2008 - December 2009

I was getting several bites, mostly around my wrists anytime that I was in my bed even for a few minutes. I shrugged it off for a few weeks thinking that they were mosquito, or spider bites. I then did a massive cleaning of the entire room with many of the best cleaning products on the market all with the expectation eliminating the bites.

I immediately started getting bit up again, and realized that something was wrong. My girlfriend then saw a bug crawling acros

s my sheets a few days later so I trapped it in a plastic cup assuming that this is what has been biting me. I did some research online and connected it with being being a bed bug. We had our entire apt sprayed within days, threw out hundreds of dollars worth of stuff including our bed, and hoped that the problem was solved. We have not gotten bitten since then but have found a few bugs around the apt. We called back the company that sprayed, and they came back to do another spraying at no charge. Since the second spraying we have not seen or felt any bed bugs in our apartment, and hopefully never will again!... This was by far the biggest inconvenience that I have ever been faced with due to the extreme amount of money and time that needs to be invested.

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