2243 Cropsey Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11214-5703

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Love to live here. New granite hallways. Closed Circuit Cameras on building perimeter and every landing. Renovations taking place daily.

Gerry gets things done. Do not piss him off though because he is the last person you do not want on your side. He can see through the bullshit.

apt 9B is selling all kind of drugs out of there apt. she also have a convict boyfriend shacking up with her. fighting and screaming come out of the apt all the time.............and that dog shits all over the place

1b 2b 3b there all have bed bugs in 2b there are living 8 people in 1 bedroom apt halwayy is dirty smelly the super never clean the garbage stay for at least 2 weeks

no heat, no hot water, walls are shit,people are pigs the super is and idiot the rent is to high ,and the noise is horrible those people who collect welfare and food stamps living for free,

worst building ever drug infestection there rented to people with no class the super is ok, the tenants dont pick up after there dogs,especially 9B. THE LEASE SAID NO DOGS ALLOWED, MONEY TALKS

I have lived in this building for almost 2 years. I've been here when the old owner/managment had control of the building and since Stamen Cropsey LLC took over ownership/managment. Stamen Cropsey LLC takes pride in the condition of, and conditions in, the building. There have been many upgrades (some necessary, some aesthetically). When SC LLC first purchased the building they sent an exterminator around to all the apartments to check specifically for any bedbug infestations. Sadly, not all ten

ants let the exterminator in. I have been lucky enough to not have any bedbugs. The superintendent that SC LLC has hired is great as well!! I can't say any negative words about the building nor owner/managing agents. Keep up the great work guys!

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This is a great building. The managing agent and the super take care of all tenants. I have lived here for 29 years. I was going to move out but since it was sold I have been saved. They are always renovating. They are making this place new. Thank you Gerry and Joseph. Stamen Cropsey LLC is the best.


I have lived here for seven years and this place is changing every day.

THE NEW MANAGEMENT, STAMEN CROPSEY LLC, specifically Gerry are awesome.

Within one month's time, New exterminators, bedbugs are gone, new roof, new laundry room, repairs are being done.

The super from the old management is on his way out. New people and crews are transforming this place into a nice living complex.

Thank you Gerry.

I lived in apartment 14-A in this building complex, from 2007-2008. Although my unit had been remodeled before I moved in, it took only one month for the bedbugs to show up - in my bed, on my dogs, and in the woodwork along the floors. Every neighbor I spoke with in the building claimed the same problem - and bedbugs were only part of the problem. I had to part with my furniture, and faced housing court, after the landlord refused to improve the conditions.


the situation is a nightmare, and I saw no efforts toward improvement of any sort.

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