2371 84th St
Brooklyn, NY 11214-3407

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Vinnie, Call 311, i had to do the same thing, capture any bugs you can find and keep them in your freezer until a 311 inspector comes, or find other proof, on mattresses, etc, visible signs of the bugs excrement, etc. ANY NY lease, states specifically that the landlord is responsible for pest control, this includes bed bugs(trust me, i know) also withhold your rent, send him a certified letter via the post office that states, there is a bed bug problem in your apartment and he is required by la

w in NY to treat for this, and that you are withholding rent in an "escrow account" until he provides the legally required treatment. Basically, just don't pay your rent, if he wants to evict you, he can't without going through proper court steps, fortunately the law is on our side in these matters. No matter what he threatens or says, it is illegal for him to take any actions against you. Make a copy of your lease, keep it on you or in your office, whatever, in case, he does try something illegal, like changing locks, etc, you can call the cops, you just need to prove you live there(your lease). Otherwise, he's sacrewed until he treats this problem. Unfortunately if he doesn't treat the whole building, they will keep coming back. I withheld rent, and made my landlord sign a written form that released us from our lease because i knew the cheap ass wasn't gonna take the necessary steps. We left just about everything behind or put it in storage, i was not risking taking these vampires w/us. Good Luck.

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Landlord refused to remove infestation in the building.

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