8201 19th Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11214-2303

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Did they exterminate the Bed Bugs ???? just curious to have knowledge for the future, it appears they did ??? just seeking any new reports if any,,,, this will only be fair to any new Tenanants that might move in, The Real Estate and Management of concern should be adivised of any Bed Bug problem... and stay on the problems if it exists.... so far so good... lets hope for the "BEST"

Any problems call 311 Bed Bugs HOTLINE


Citizens and Action

Our Hot Line 1 718 3


Your Problem is our proble

Thank you

see full report...

They state that this building still has problems ???? so far I have not had any encounters,,, what can tennants do to help this situation out... ? they still rent the apartments, get there security ??? is this fair to the tenats of concern ???

Citizens and Actuion
1 718 3775679

Not certain of the last reports on this building, any new available reports for 2011 ??? Please aviseEd

My husband and I moved in on December 1st 2010...it is now December 8th and we are eaten alive. We have only been here for a week and found out that this apartment and building is infested with bed bugs. Managment company sent this super from another building and and he steamed out bedroom and told us we are bed bug free. That night...we were getting bitten like crazy again. PLease everyone trying to rent an apartment make sure you are bed bug free and protect your self. Dont let anyone fool you

like we got fooled...GOOD LUCK!

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