8024 19th Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11214-1710

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Apartment 1D is used as a hotel. Many people in and out. This is why the bedbugs come from this apartment.

I moved into an apartment in this building in Oct of 2011. I started to get random bites about 4 months in. I didn't think of bedbugs. I thought fleas because I have a dog. The biting got worse and my dog is always treated. My face was bitten in Feb and March. I still didn't think bedbugs. Then I was in the kitchen at about 9pm one night studying in March. I felt something bite me on my back and grabbed it off. I examined it and realized it was a bedbug.
I searched the old furniture (the apart

ment was old and left with junk in it) I found a small congregation in the night stands.
I called my landlord and he sent in an exterminator that told me I didn't have them but he treated anyway. I then got chemical burns which I told to my landlords assistant.
No bedbug bites for a month. Then they were back. Not trusting the exterminator of my landlord I began doing everything in my power to fight it.
I asked about a rennovated apt down the hall. Supposedly brand new, sealed and free of bedbugs. My landlord lied. I moved in in June and that same month found a full grown adult in my tub. Had another exterminator come in 2 times so far in this "new" apartment. I've now seen so many.
Building is infested. And the landlord keeps lying about treatments.
I have blistering bites even though my world is in plastic and there is poison everywhere.
The city came for another apt in the attached building 8024. My wall is attached to this building.
I recently found out the buildings have been reported since 2009.
Horrific. I'm throwing out everything I own. Nightmare.

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Bed Bugs were in apts on the first, second and fourth floor within the last year September 2009 to April 2010.

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