339 Broadway
New York, NY 11211

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No AC in the summer, which seems to be a breeding ground for bed bugs. There were so many that I was literally standing on my toes in the middle of the tiny twin sized bed in the cubicle I rented here as the bed bugs attacked from every direction. This is not a joke. It's unbelievable that they would invite tourists here. Lots of crackheads actually live in this hostel. Had to throw everything I brought along with me out of fear of transporting them. Budget accomodations actually became quite ex


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On a New Year's visit to NYC, I found myself in a sitch where I needed lodging FAST (1/2/08). I found the Glenwood Hotel/Hostel online, and it turned out to be in a place I could get to quickly. That is the Glenwood Hotel 339 Broadway,Williamburg Brooklyn, NYC, 11211. I walked over with my heavy travel bag and booked a room. I noticed the heavy, sweet, musty smell, but being naive to the bedbug epidemic I figured I could deal with the total hellhole for one night till I could locate better l

odging. They did have internet, so I found a nicer hotel, and after one horrible night of no heat (13 degrees) in a plywood cell, I got the heck out of there. Little did I know the little buggers were in my shoes, and my coat, and god knows what else. I was smart enough to throw away my PJ's and towel, and had purchased 2 cheap fleece blankets to keep me off their sheets, and left them there. But it was days later, on the plane ride home that I was bitten by the bugs. I am now back in Texas, fighting the little smackers with everything I've got. Do not ever go here, their website is a lie, it pops up at the top of a Google search for budget lodging/hostels/hotels in NYC and it should be shut down. The place is hell on earth and a bedbug paradise.

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