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As the peak of the summer heat hit and friends had been staying over for some summer love, we had started to not only feel irritated by the humidity but by something else. We all started to receive red dots on our limbs as we awoke and thought that it was simply mosquitos. As we never seemed to actually see them, and strictly seal our windows to eliminate any sort of entrance, we thunk twice about the insects involved. It wasn't until we looked a little closer, and soon enough, found those littl

e pieces of... And proceeded to collect them for examination followed up with extermination and ultimately, still survived. We then called the exterminator for a follow up extermination, but we were simply denied, thus we decided to trash all of our belongings nearing our lease expiration.

Good bye s3 gang.


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I was bitten repeatedly during the second week of August. I had allergic reactions and had to be sent to the emergency room.

An exterminator came, we smoke bombed the apartment - I got rid of my couch and bed.

The problem seemed to have been solved - but today - September 22nd. The problem has returned and I've been bitten again on my legs and elbows.

I want to stay solution minded and have the entire building treated. If the entire building is not treated the problem will continue a

s the bugs go from apartment to apartment.

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I moved in in april 2008. It is now August, there is a terrible infestation. It has been a nightmare. The exterminator is coming tomorrow. I hope and pray. I am on the fifth floor. The landlord acts as if this problem has never existed.

It\'s April 2008 - 656 Henry Street, Brooklyn New York.

Bed bugs have been reported on the second floor of this building have now spread to the third floor of the building. Only the first floor has not yet reported the bugs. They are four of the six apartments in the building.

Several neighbors have notified the landlord and have also treated their apartments. We are currently trying to establish who is repsonsible for treating apartments. According to the DHCR rent stabilized landlor

ds have ten days to repsond to to a registered certified letter of notification of bed bug infestation in an apartment. If the landlord refuses to treat the problem the tenant files for a Rent reduction and the DHCR determines the reduction and period of same. Does anyone have any other information on this?

I now have bites and found a bug in my living room. I currently am in the process of sealing all cracks in my apartment. The bugs do not seem to bite me since leaving the lights ON while I sleep.

I did have an allergic reaction to the bites which included symptoms of a feeling of my skin crawling and the bites were severely burning and itching. I am currently taking antihistimines which are helping.

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Same thing happened to me. I moved in October 2007, when I moved in I found a bill for bed bug extermination dated September 2007. Landlord is willing to send exterminator but that does not work. Neighbors also complain about bed bugs but no one seems to want to do anything about it. It\'s not effective if one apartment gets exterminated and the adjacent unit is untreated--the bed bugs come right back! This building has a terrible infestation, DO NOT EVEN GO NEAR IT

I moved into this apartment exactly 1 month ago, after only 1 week of living here I discovered my room was infested with bed bugs...there's a built in loft and shelving where I am guessing they are all living. I told my landlord, he sent out an exterminator 1 week later and the bugs aren't gone. I do hear it takes at least a couple of treatments but I also hear its very important its done right or you'll never get rid of them. I plan on grilling the exterminator on his credentials, he is coming

back in a few days and I am praying this is it...but there are so many horror stories of people never getting rid of them or treating them and then they just find their way back in!

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