295 Broadway
Brooklyn, NY 11211-6216

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It was brought to my attention about this disgusting page made about my Landlord. I will not put his name on blast, but I can tell you that I rent an apartment with him for almost a year now. Since then, the landlord has sent over his super to fix whatever problems I have had thus far. I never got Bedbugs and I remember when the tenant upstairs was making such a big fuss about roaches, but he was a dirty man who always left his trash outside the hall every single day. Do not make false claims ab

out something roaches when you brought them in yourself!! Maybe the Landlord messed up in the past, but I can only speak for my experience. So far, it has been great. The apartment is not the most luxurious looking one, but I am not complaining since I pay less than $2000 for 2 bedrooms in Williamsburg!

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I wish I would have read the previous reports on this building since Rapid Realty failed to inform us. By law information on bed bug infestation is required to be disclosed to future tenants, and this simply was not done. Just moved in too!

First came the mice infestation, lack of running water, then cockroaches, and now bed bugs.

The landlord (Angel Ortiz) is a hot-headed SLUMLORD who refuses to take care of any of these issues and his tenants are forced shell out hundreds of dollars to

deal with it on their own.
Instead of taking care of the bed bug issue, I was forced to move out.This has to be illegal.

Whatever you do: DO NOT MOVE INTO 295 Broadway!

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I lived at 295 Broadway for 4 months before I left because of isses with the noisy club in the apt. on the 2nd fl that was converted into a club, bedbugs and issues with the useless and rude landlord. My roommate had bedbugs and the landlord had the apartment sprayed. Then my new roommate moved in after the previous one left. My new roommate started getting bites and when I told the landlord it was probably bedbugs, he told me I should take care of this myself or move out Then I noticed that the

landlord had allowed the bar/restaurant Zocalo to convert the 2nd fl in the building into their club(which I think is illegal). I decided that was it. The crazy Landlord tried to convince me to stay. You run the risk of living with bedbugs and not being able to sleep at night because of the noisy club downstairs.

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My roommate and I moved into this place and found 2 bed bugs within 2 hours of living there. We left that same night immediately (forced to crash on friend's couches for months) and have since not spent a single night in this building. The landlord is a hot-head who refuses to fix the problem. He has refused to give any of our money back (first month's rent & security deposit) and has since rented it out to two other tenants who left within three days for the same reasons. We have tried to speak

to the downstairs neighbors, but nobody on the bottom two floors speak any English. We've seen the inside of they're apartments when they answered the door and they are disgusting, so we're assuming they are either ignorant to the issue or don't care. One of our (former) neighbors across the hall reported having 19 bed bug bites on her arm at one time. The entire building is infested. I am guessing the restaurant underneath the apartments is too. Absolutely the WORST landlord/moving/living situation of my life. STAY AWAY unless you want months of sleepless nights, lawsuits and aggressive phone calls for your land lord.

Even if this building wasn't riddled with bed bugs I wouldn't advise anyone to live here. I doubt this landlord would do as much as change a light bulb for his tenants. He is the definition of a slum-lord. There is no other way of saying it, he is a hot-headed, selfish, prick.

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I live at 295 Broadway and am currently searching for a new apt due to the bed bug infestation that the landlord seems to think is non-existant. A few boys were moving in across the hall but, ended up not moving because they found two bed bugs in the apt. We figured maybe they had brought them in or something but, within the last two weeks I have found three adult bed bugs roaming the wall of my bathroom and bed. Not only is this building awful to live in due to really loud music at a night club

below(landlord never mentioned) but, nothing is being done about the bugs despite various complaints. It's very expensive to get rid of them and it's something that I know I did not have prior to moving in so I would like the landlord to take action and get them out but he refuses because it's too expensive to do the entire building. I don't recommend that anyone live in this place because it's awful and stressful.

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