716 Grand St
Brooklyn, NY 11211-4939

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There are a few tenants that have been living in this building for over 5 years that have been living with this horrible situation. The exterminator that has been brought in once or twice has not been effective. It has been a nightmare, pillows bed frames even appliances have been infested. This is no way to live and the owner had not done enough to remedy the problem! Do not move into this building it has been infested at least for 5 years now. This is a horrible way to live. If you have other

options do not move into this building.

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I am aware that there have been bed bugs for at least three years in this building. They just will not go away, it is horrible. Landlord just doesn't do enough to eliminate them!!

Bedbug started appearing about a year ago. The whole building is infested. The landlord hired a exterminator and they have treated the building spraying chemical three times to kill bugs and eggs that hatch two weeks after they are layed. Bites ceased but it came back now. Don\'t move into this building. The building is very old and it\'s got too many crevices where bugs can hide.

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