766 Grand St
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After being made aware by the 2 girls living in apt 2L that they had bed bugs (back in March/April), in no way did our landlord ever reach out to us to inform us of this matter and/or take care of this matter by bringing in a professional for all units. The girls attempted to have him pay for the laundry they had to do and he refused to take care of that as well. Once the girls moved out, he simply renovated the apt, moving the bed bugs to another apt in the building. Mine. I have been getting b

itten and we have had to buy a new mattress which was our first reaction upon finding them. We wrote the landlord a note (one in which I have a copy of) explaining our situation along with our numbers, asking him to call us once he knows he can get a professional in the building. Since then, he has not contacted anyone in the building about this matter, nor has he reached out to us. The only thing he tried was leaving a bottle of spray and a garbage bags.

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to the comment below- having been the previous tenant at unit 2L up until end of may 2010, I can definitely say that there were 3 girls living there for only ONE year. There were never five people, from bushwick or williamsburg. Perhaps this is a mix up from an apartment above? I also happen to work (coincidentally) with the previous tenant that occupied the unit right before me and it was just her and one guy. Lease ended 2009. Not sure of what "side" this previous commentator is saying b

ut the unit was infested with bed bugs by the landlords son living next door. Various people around this apartment complex has admitted to this but of course, no real proof. All we know is that first reports were said on this site end of 2009. New sightings in April 2010. This building has not properly been taken care of. The son has even admitted that for the first apartment that had the bugs, they treated it with a bug bomb. Now, everyone knows that you cannot treat an apartment with a bug bomb. It just causes all the bugs to scurry further away in holes and wall crevices. In this case, it caused it to go down a floor below, infesting both second floor apartments.

This is not a terminex fake comment. This is a very disgruntled ex tenant from 766 Grand who is still very upset with her ex landlord and his feeble attempts to cover up the fact that he was a terrible landlord that did not do enough.

Future and current tenants beware, this bed bug issue is not gone. It may go away for a few months but each time a tenant gets fed up and moves (like us), he will re-rent without a conscience. and oh, the landlord did try to coerce us into staying by offering $150 off the monthly rent to stay another year. not a chance.

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There is always at least 2 sides to a story. The two tenents at 766 Grand at unit lived here for 2 consecutive years. Without giving notice to the landlord, they allowed 3 (three other girls to move in with them illegally from Bushwick and other parts of Brooklyn. Towards the last six months of there stay , there were 5 and sometimes more people moving in and out of the apartment that was llegally leased for only two people. The 2 original girls never complained about bed bugs only when the

y started running out of money and asked the 3 other girls to help them with rent.
The landlord did bring in a certified bed bug specialist and confirmed there was no infestation.
There girls started asking for a lower rent.
When the landlord refused, they decided to move out at the end of there lease.
766 Grand street tenents have been living there on an averegae of 15 years! Non of these older tenants evere complained about any bed bugs.

The land lord believes that if there were any bedbugs at #2L the 5 tenants brought them in from other places. Since they moved out, the landlord has brought in specialists to check if there is any evidence of there claims and found that non was founded.
I urge this website that calls itself a registry to contact respective landlords and management companies before they post complaints. A registry is licensed by tha state and this one is not!

If this is add ploy for TERMINEX, then TERMINEX and or this website should delete the comments made about 766 Grand Street immediatly.
Further legal action may take place.

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#2L is infested with bedbugs presently and we believe this case to be due to the above comment. We know this ex-tenant and had heard through the grapevine that he had an infestation in december. Due to our lack of knowledge regarding bedbugs, we dismissed it until about a month ago when it was starting to become increasingly clear that there was a bug problem. We don't believe that our landlord ever sent an exterminator to apt 3L and it is clear these cases are directly related sin

ce it was right above us. We are pursuing legal action and recommend to all present and future tenants that you speak with the landlord to make sure there is not an infestation. Our lease is up on June 1st but we are trying to get out of this place asap

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I was just forced to move out of my apartment due to a bed bug infestation. The landlord was extremely uncooperative. I told him about the infestation on saturday morning and he told me that he "could probably get someone there by Monday". Needless to say I am no longer there. I became aware of the infestation the first week of December 2009.

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