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@ notsogrand The landlord must disclose if any bedbugs are known in the building for the past 12 months. Unfortunately there is no bite to the law that penalizes landlords for lying. As for the dimatacious earth it is hazardous to all pets. The microscopic size particles are like micro razor blades that destroy the interior of the nasal passage. If you ever want to bring in a canine to sniff to see if they have been eradicated no company would let the dog in with the DE present. Good luck w

ith your problem.

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I moved in a few weeks ago (07/05/11) with a friend and shortly after we noticed what we thought were small beetles or roaches but knowing that the windows were all open when we moved in we figured they were innocent visitors. However, after I woke up with the telltale bite tracks and confirming that what we'd been seeing with photos online we notified our landlord (we were finding adult bedbugs before we had even unpacked, though we didn't know what they were at the time) and he sprayed and ack

nowledged a prior issue with them (though he did not disclose this when we moved in - is that legal!?)

In the three days since we've realized what's happening we have been inspecting our living space - couch, drapes, clothing, beds, mattresses, box springs etc. and spraying an isopropyl alcohol & water mixture (9 parts/1 part) in cracks and potential areas that may be harboring the pests (i.e. baseboard heaters, cracks and crevices near thresholds etc.) after a friend who survived an infestation said that was one of the steps that helped him rid of the pests. We've already carted all bedding and any clothing that has been worn recently or in frequently accessed drawers to the cleaners.

I have also been researching the use of non-toxic treatments (Diatomaceous earth?) as we have a cat.

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