333 Graham Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11211-3734

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this report is totally insane...the landlord brought exterminators (twice!) who sprayed the building and said there were no bedbugs. they claimed that she girl has dustmites from being filthy.

Apartment 2R has had numerous bedbug encounters. Two last summer (2009) and once recently (early April 2010). Exterminators have come in and sprayed and we think they're gone, but you never know with those bastards. Also the landlord here is kind of a slumlord because he sent the super with a bottle of bedbug spray (in lieu of the exterminators) and failed to spray the whole building even though that's probably where they're coming from. Either that or Pagoda Thai downstairs.

Anyway, if y

ou're moving into this apartment you've been warned. It's pretty gross.

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