973 Metropolitan Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11211-2605

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michael is right. Just had the apt sprayed again. no bites, but did see one. not to mention all the other issues here, floors falling in, waterfalls down the wall bc of leaks, etc, etc. can't wait to leave this disgusting place.

Hi my name is Michael, I currently live in apartment 3L with another roommate. We entered a lease at this location nearly 10 months ago and have already had two outbreaks of bedbugs. The first of these incidents occurred after 5 months, when myself, my roommate, and his girlfriend began getting bitten literally every night. The situation escalated when the two tenants below us (2L) and a tenant of 3R all complained of bed bugs. After over a week, the landlord refused to send an exterminator

stating that we were lying (this statement was heard by the female tenant of 2L). Eventually the tenant from 2L contracted an exterminator and the incident lay dormant until February. My roommate and his girlfriend were the first to get bitten and after 1-2 weeks the male tenant of 2L said he was bitten. The infestation has only gotten worse due to the landlord's blatant negligence and apathetic ways. I would never in a million years recommend someone to move into this apartment- you have no chance versus the bed bugs in here.

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i have lived in apartment 3L with my roommate for nearly the last year (10 months), of which he have been besieged by bed bugs since the first night we came. the landlord's apathy towards the situation has led us to move out early. He stubbornly agreed to pay for treatment only ONCE and the situation has not improved one bit. DO NOT rent in this building, both the second and third floor are completely infested with bed bugs. BEWARE!!!!!!!!

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I live in Apt. 3R and started getting bitten the moment I moved in! It only happened for like 2 weeks and mysteriously they dissapeared. But my roomate kept getting them so we had the landlord call the exterminator. They came, and I still don't get many bites, maybe a few here and there, but she gets them still all the time. Maybe they just don't like me. Anyways they just don't go away!!!

We had lived in this building for two years when we started noticing bites. We contacted the landlod and the extermonator came but the treatment did not work at all. Some of the other tennants also noticed bites. We moved due to the landlords apathy for the situation. This happend over Jan-Feb 2009. We were in apt 3L. I do not recomend renting in this building.

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