971 Metropolitan Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11211-2605

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i will defend my business to the death. We have never had a tenant named "Aleshia", therefore her comment is fictitious and irrelevant.

My father and mother were born and raised in Williamsburg, and my dad was a principal at the local elementary school in the area. We love the area and always accomodate our tenants. After my father passed away last May, my mother has taken the reigns of the business and has done so with an impressive vigor and passion. It's sad that a few bitter people have

decided to lash out at "the pepe's", who are in fact, a 63 year old widow and her son, who are nothing but nice to people and are very well liked by our tenants who are responsible mature people, and treat us with reciprocal respect.

This is a business and is treated such. These people don't know what it is to have a bad landlord. I live in the building, despite having a beatiful house in queens. how bad it could it be?

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motorcyle man, aka Kit - your apartment was such a disgusting filthy mess that you should be ashamed to even comment on conditions. we had to spend 500 dollars to have your shit removed from the apartment. the giant mound of cat shit on the kitchen floor was a nice gift. also, it was really cool to see you looking like a complete freak with pink lip stick on when you moved. are you kidding me? you should be in an insitution. your apartment was hoarding X10. there were like giant computer units a

nd things which made no sense at all. enjoy south carolina you piece of trash, its where you belong.
also, you never complained of bed bugs, you were so awkward and weird that you never said anything. you were just a weirdo from the south who couldn't make it in nyc and is now bitter and blaming my family, who provided you with a home for years and never heard a complaint about bed bugs from you. maybe if you didn't live in abject squallor with junk piled to your 9 feet cielings. Good luck with your life - glad you're not here anymore- we have a nice normal functional couple now, not some freak with tons of "grow lights" on dead plants in his window. also, we were very leniant with him for 6 months because he couldn't pay his rent due to his lack of employment.

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the dude who posted above is a complete liar. he's a spoiled brat who moved into the apartment and brought in junk from the street. Since 1989 not one of our tenants has ever complained of bed bugs. This student brought in furniture from the street which resulted in bed bugs. Robert Kolodny then broke his lease by not paying the last month's rent and leaving the apartment in squallor.

This tenant then had the nerve to call my mother and leave threatening messages on her phone one week after

my father died, which were threatening and completely inappropriate. Please be wary of this immature talentless "art student" who will use your building as a set for his terrible movies with no regard for other tenants. This tenant went so far as to break into my apartment to use my outlets for his cameras while i was away.

This kid is straight out of the home, and has no concept of what the real world is. His avarice knows no bounds and he will use anyone with absolutey no regard for you or your property. Only rent to this degenerate if you absolutely need the money.

I am the landlord and also lived across the hall from this boy and have never once had a problem with bed bugs, nor have any of my tenants in this building, or the neighboring building i own. We are a family business who take pride in our property and do our best to accomodate tenants.

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Moved out in April. Saw the bugs and reported them. The landlords did nothing, Felicia Pepe, a piece of shit. I lived on the second floor. Left that place. Heard the people above me had them too. Fucked up. Bad landlords.

Noticed bugs, exterminated, bugs came back, exterminated, bugs came back again...
They bugs are in the walls and floors of this building...there is no hope for the place. Landlords do NOTHING, Felicia and Anthony Pepe, horrible. Do not rent from.

Insane amount of bugs. Landlord made us eat the bill. Filthiest place I've ever been in. Terrible.


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