2635 Nostrand Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11210-4640

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Bed Bugs are still here! And I am moving out. Got really tired of it. I was fighting it for the past 3 years!

We signed for this apt and later found out about the bedbug problem. when confronted super, we admitted it and when asked if it was our apt, he said yes, BUT GAURENTEED it wouldnt be a problem.

here i am with a major bedbug issue which is causing me to spend a few thousand dollars on replacing mattresses and furniture and the landlord is nowhere to be found.



Management is trying more seriously by calling an xterminator but there are still bugs going from room to room and floor to floor. When will it leave, who knows?

It is on many floors. Good luck trying to get rid of all of them.

I have been having bedbugs for over a year now.
It is not severe, but definitely not pleasant.
I was trying to get rid of them myself, so far unsuccessfully. Getting an exterminator and praying it is going to help!

it\'s been infested for over a few months now, going from apartment to apartment. They gotta exterminate the whole building, but they only do the people who find bugs or get bitten. its horrible.

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