7022 Ridge Boulevard
New York City, NY 11209

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I moved here around January, 2013. After one month my wife was being bit. Didn't know it was bed bugs until I killed one and looked it up online to see what it looks like. I notified the landlord and he said "its ok even Bloomberg has it in his office, we will exterminate". The bed bugs were coming out of the outlets. I would shut the lights and watch them come out. Couldnt believe my eyes. After inspecting, noticed it was all around my couches.
I asked my neighbor and she inspected her house a

nd noticed she had them in her bed. THE WHOLE 5TH AND 6TH FLOOR IS INFESTED. I dont know about the other floors.

The super was very disrespectfull, he tried entering my apartment on random with stupid reasons like "I have to check the pipes for leaks etc..." the more I didnt let them in, the more they wanted to get in the apartment.
The landlord also asked me to give the super $200 cash because there was no fee apartment. This landlord is horrible so is the super. Dont move to this apartment. I moved out of there after 4 months and trashed everything I had so I dont take the bugs with me. Lanlord denied reimbursing me.

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