200 Gelston Ave, Apt D4
New York, NY 11209-7010

Found 2 reports:

The entire building is infested with bed bugs in my opinion. I just moved in to 200 Gelston apt c3 and its only been 3 months. I have brand new furniture and electronics, This is an old building, the exterminators do a bad job and do not eliminate anything, the land lord refuses to acknowledge the problem. I am moving out and using VIKANE!

Horrible bedbugs. waiting for the exterminator to come and get rid of the problem. I have not slept in my room in 2 weeks and have sealed up my boxspring and matters in a vynyl encasement, than found some of them crawling around the light socket. and I just saw my neighbor throwing out her boxspring eww. it must mean the whole building is infected

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