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I moved in during October and within a week I was getting bug bites all over my arms and legs. They itched so much worse then normal mosquito bites. I was freaking out and I sprayed myself with repellent every night before bed. I have a bunch of places on my body where the capillaries are permanently broken from so much itching. I thought there was some sort of mosquito...idk hive? ...something lurking in the apartment which is ridled with holes, but I didnt know for sure until New Years Eve

(YAY) when I was laying in bed, drunk watching a movie when I saw movement out of the corner of my eye. I flew up into the air and saw one crawling on my PILLOW!!! I searched "household bugs" and went through the images and got a positive ID. I wrapped my mattress in plastic wrap and threw it out for garbage collection. I spotted the bugs going in and out of the apartment climbing up and down the cable wires and out of the sockets. My neighbor never said boo to me and when I called my landlord he said "I've never heard of that. I dont know what you mean." really? you've never heard "sleep tight, dont let the bedbugs bite"? never?ok. so then he said he would spray my apartment with roach spray but after doing a psychotic amount of research I told him that roach spray doesnt kill them. At long last and after sleeping on a hard, flat futon for months and vaccumming several times a day, developing insomnia and having them find me on the futon anyway...I was given a tip "J.T. Eaton's KILLS BEDBUGS". This spray will run about $30 per bottle and is literally worth its weight in GOLD. Look for it in hardware stores. It is the answer to your prayers.

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