8716 3rd Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11209-5104

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well believe it or not i am the original poster and the landlord did nothing I had to take her to court and will get my first extermination on 10-8-10 more then a year and a few months when we first received our bites from these hell raising bugs. I have stripped my home and purchased everything you can think of new. I had to throw out almost everything my advice get treatment early get a professional licensed and dont do it yourself. There is a lot of bad info on them they are horrible and get

into everything! If you have them take action quick cut your loses i had no idea how BAD they really are. now i am on medication for the creepy things and i have lost more then $10,000 in property. also they stink they smell like moldy shoes and when you pop them they smell like raspberry and sandalwood very pungent. my body is scarred as is my baby its horrid and all because of a negligent landlord not screening tenants and moving in trash under me. I wish the best toi any one that has them its a living hell

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this apartment has been my home for the last 4 years its above a restaurant. It was closed down in august due to a slew of problems but the issue i have is all the exterminating she has been doing in her restaurant has driven the mice, roaches, fleas and now bed bugs up to the apartments. My kids have welts and cry from the burning I told the landlord and she says its my fault. Her restaurant is clean! today is 9-10-2009 and i have no relief still.

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