571 80th St
Brooklyn, NY 11209-4009

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Lived in this building for over seven years. The building itself (a three floor, six apartment dwelling) is really no gem, and the mangement can be a nightmare, but the rent was cheap so we dealt with it. Last spring/summer we found several bedbugs on our living room couch over the course of about 6 months. Multiple requests for help were completely and rudely ignore and dismissed by the landlord. They wouldn't acknowledge that there was a problem, even though we captured and brought them the be

dbugs to examine themselves. I spoke to other tenants and they didn't have any problems, so it's likely the case that we brought these in ourselves, but I still expected at least some help from the management so that this problem wouldn't spread to other apartments. For all I know the whole building may have them by now. Beware!

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