262 72nd St
Brooklyn, NY 11209-2103

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I was living at this address , and last year, my neighbor downstairs had, bed bugs , and they fogged.. not telling me that they had bed bugs.. when i realized what the other neighbor told me, she had told me they were spraying for bed bug.. so i sprayed my bed, door window seal.. so that they wouldnt travel upstair... months later , my daughter , was getting bites.. i thought they were misquito bites.. then i had them and i thought the same... so i checked the bed , and nothing , i kept checki

ng both beds and nothing.. still kept getting the bites...

Until one day in july ..2009 boom, there it was.. BED BUGS.. YUCK.... MY daughter say it on my bed.. so i said okay .. let me check.. ok,,, fill with it.. then i checked her bed, and she had a bunch of them... oh my goodness, i then had to move out, they were in the kitchen and all.. i lost everything..all i took were my clothes,

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