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Starting about a month ago (may 2011), my husband and I started noticing bites. They started getting worse until eventually we were pretty sure they were bedbugs (our bites were typical "breakfast lunch & dinner" formations & after a visit to the dermatologist she suspected as much). My husband's were severe: he had them on his face and head and he seemed to be getting it the worst. I had them on my arms, shoulders, back and face. I started staying up at night to watch and confirm and because I

was becoming so anxious about the nightly attacks. One night I saw and captured three on my husband's pillow. Several days later when we were prepping for exterminator all night, my husband found and captured at least four. My two young children (2 & 5) have not shown signs of being bitten (yet). We live in a two family home: we rent the top unit (two bedroom) and owners live downstairs. Owners have refused to pay for or help pay for extermination, so we are proceeding with treatment paying out of pocket and with the help of family. We have asked that they at least treat their unit, to prevent spreading, but they have not communicated with us yet about it. After our first treatment, my husband continues to get bit. We will get treated again this wed (6/8/11) and hope that will be it. We are living out of plastic bags and vacuum daily, following the directions of pest control expert. We think and hope that for now they are contained in our bedroom. We are sick with anxiety about our children being bitten and have paid out at least 1500 so far between treatment and laundry, mattress covers, vacuum. We have thrown out a lot of clothing, may end up needing to throw out our brand new bed, couch. We are ready to abandon all, we are so upset, but we want to make sure we don't spread it.

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