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I currently live on Floor E close to the elevator shaft. A month into my habiting the apartment I noticed a bed bug and then a few more. I have had an exterminator come twice and is not working. The anonymous person who posted on 3/6/ll-Can you tell me what apartment you inhabited?

Floor D, We are next to the elevator shaft. After speaking to neighbors, the apartments on either side of the elevators have the highest turn over due to pest problems. Prospective tenants BEWARE. Management has since offered to send a qualified exterminator and not the guy who lives in the building. We can not live the the chaos of another extermination. The apartment also tested positive for lead paint (I had to call in the city myself since the landlord blew me off about it being a serio

us concern that needs testing.) I was going door to door ealrier this week encouraging other parents to get their p;laces tested.

After being here less than 9 months we are moving. Items that can't be saved will be discarded, everything else will be dried in high heat and transferred to the new apartment directly without coming back here. The bugs keep slowly appearing as stragglers. We are also keeping them in a glass jar! Finding them in our daughter's crib was the last straw.

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Floor E, where are you located. We live on D and went through the horrific steps to rid our apartment of bed bugs. We moved in last September and within the month were getting bit. Nothing was found within our furniture, or beds.. but I found 6 in total. Crawling up the walls and one on the sheet in the morning. Engorged with blood. We called Terminix after the super and told us to call "someone". They came out and did their inspection and found nothing. But he said, obviously they are around be

cause of the ones that we caught. (I saved them in tupperware and STILL have them).
We called the management office, who said they would send "their guy" and after speaking to their guy, found out he lived within the building and wasnt going to do nearly as good of job as Terminix. So management agreed to pay for treatment from Terminix. I will say they were nice and sympathetic and definately cooperated with our complaints.
Terminix came and did a heat treatment and used pesticides around the baseboards, and "dusted" in the sockets. We of course had to bag all our things, wash and dry everything. Some of my clothes were ruined in the meantime, but I was desperate. Terminix came a total of 3 times and at the beginning of November we werent getting bit anymore and since then have NOT seen or gotten bit by bed bugs. Terminix said they were treating all floors above and below us, so I wonder if thats you? Its a bit unsettling to know they're reappearing at your place and I'm sorry. I know your frustration. And I especially feel for you because you've got a new baby. My suggestion is, call Terminix.
Last night, I noticed a bed bump on my boyfriend and immediately my mind thought bed bugs. No bites over night, but were not going to rule it out. If they're back, we most definately will be filing a complaint and even thinking of moving.

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My kindness to management about trying to help was a hasty comment. The exterminator they sent was unqualified and did not take care of the problem.

It took several months in order for management to adjust our rent costs to reimburse us the hundreds of dollars spent on bed casings. I was told it would be fixed several times and it did not happen until I called in the original realtor to settle this with management. This problem of costs went on from June to October

Our problem was no so

lved until we took matters into our own hands and treated the apartment ourselves. Our mattress and box spring although now cased are ruined and can not leave when we move. We will have to buy an entire new bed to make sure no problems leave with us.

Although we gave it a great effort, the bed bugs are slowly reappearing and can no longer make the effort ourselves. An official complaint has been filed with 311 (Poster from Floor F I suggest you do the same).

We now have an infant in our apartment that can't be exposed to toxic sprays and we are still waiting to find out how this will be treated and our daughter will not be exposed to chemicals. Management has been rude, gruff and accusatory towards the tenants from a problem that comes from their poor management and un lcean building

The woman who answers the phone at managements office is kind and sympathetic but is unable to make any decisions or offer any real help as all has to be approved by the owners who do not return calls or take action

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Moved in on July 28th. Saw bedbugs a few days later. I had to throw my mattress, box spring etc. out. So far, the exterminator has come and treated three times (they were living behind an old telephone wire going across the wall). I'm hoping this will finally take care of it. Apparently, the apartment was vacant for a while before I moved in. I haven't talked to management beyond my initial call, everything that followed was with the exterminator (management is paying, though, obviously).

I'm going to call them this week to see what they have to say about reimbursing me for my bed, and whether they expect me to pay rent on a one-bedroom apt. when I'm sleeping on the couch in my living room.

I called 311 right after it happened but they told me I needed to give the landlord a chance to fix it before I could make a complaint. Given that we might be headed to treatment four, I think I'll be calling 311 again as well.

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We moved in on June 15th. Within 1-2 weeks we noticed red bumps which we first assumed were spider bites. Once we found out they were bed bugs and spoke to the super, management was swift in sending an exterminator and so far is being cooperative about reimbursing costs for bed casings, etc. We have a new born due next month and now must wash and dry clean everything to assure the problem is solved. Hopefully management continues to be cooperative as we have very little time to fully eradica

te the problem before the baby arrives. One person in the office tried to blame us as new tenants bringing a problem into the building. I assured him we did not have this problem prior to moving in. So far the exterminator said we do not have a major problem but I fear re-occurrence coming in from the walls and floorboards. Glad to know other people in the building have registered a problem as evidence that we will not be held responsible for any costs of bed casing, bug killers and washing/dry cleaning bills.

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Bugs noticed in the last few weeks.

In the process of throwing out useful furniture, comfortable blankets and sheets, and sentimental stuffed animals.

Waiting on exterminator appointment.

Very annoyed, after multiple problems with this apartment - toilet broke twice, once while not being used faulty gasket busted flooding the bathroom in seconds, no air circulation, and even was accosted by the super one evening coming into OUR own home using OUR key, were questioned who we were and

what apartment we were going to.

Lease is up in April, if we make it that long.

So if it's March/April/May and you're checking for problems with this apartment (7101 4th ave) or Kinsor Management RUN AWAY!!!!! SAVE YOURSELF!!!

Higher floors in the building.

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Have had bedbugs for several months. Bugs come up through floor, which needs serious maintenance work. City inspection one week ago found multiple examples. Landlord is unresponsive - in fact, doesn't even pick up the phone anymore.

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