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Went to see Ant-Man in the IMAX theater here on July 15th. We sat in the balcony area. A week or two later, bed bug bites started appearing. It's easy to pinpoint this location as the place we picked them up since I work from home and don't get out a whole lot. Seeing this movie was the only thing I had done outside of my apartment in the time before the infestation started showing up.

October 17th - 7pm, sitting on the right side of the KINGS theater, 2nd flr, 15th (?) row. Im in the aisle seat and my friend is next to me. Thirty minutes into the movie, she's scratching. The next day, her doctor said it was a bed bug bite. I'm fine. She called the theater and was told that they would take care of it. But from the other postings, they obviously are not doing a very good job...

I went to the following AMC movie theatre on 8/29/2011 and 9/6/2012. After the first visit I had large red bites (one in the breakfast, lunch, dinner pattern) on one arm. The second time I went I started itching on my other arms and both feet.
I had the exterminator come inspect my apartment and couldn't find any bed bugs, but said the bites show early signs of infestation. I have to wash/dry and/or dry clean every piece of fabric in my room including: sheets, curtains, rug, all clothes, etc.

I went to go tell management about the situation and they said they exterminate everyday and that they'll take care of the situation. Make sure to look out for any signs if you pay this theatre a visit!

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Went to the IMAX theater on August 20. Had a bite about halfway through, very itchy. By the end of the movie I had ten or more big welts on my arm (short sleeves). I reported it to management. They say they will have an exterminator take a look and then get back to me.

Assuming I got them there, I hope they stayed there or succumbed to my spraying/washing.

On January 7th I went to this theater to see Iron Lady. Then on January 11 I discovered I had an early-stage bedbug infestation in my apartment. The exterminator estimated it to be less than 10 days old. Since I work from home, and going to this theater was the only public place I visited during that day, I'm pretty convinced I got it from this theater.

Went to the theater on Saturday, 8/13/11 to see Planet of the Apes and during the movie, my son's arm become very itchy. When he showed me his arm, he had a bunch of bumps on them. When we stepped outside of the room it was evident that he was bitten at least nine different times. We told the manager who took down my sons information and offered us free tickets to return another day. (NOT!)
From reading about this pest we are absolutely sure they were bedbugs since their signature mark is to

bite in sets of three. So we concluded that at least three different bugs were on him. Gross! Please be aware that he was sitting on the seat by the wall. The wall is carpeted. Of the group that went with us, he was the only one bitten and the only one sitting next to the wall. Advise then, if you are going to this theater try to sit on an aisle seat or better yet sit in the middle section.

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I went to see Horrible Bosses 7/14. As I watched the movie I became really itchy. Once the movie was over I noticed bites on my arms. Once I got home I noticed the bites where not only on my arm but also on my stomach and upper body.


Got bedbugs in my apt. The only place I have gone over the last few months is this movie theater. I'm quite suspicious that I picked it up here and brought it home (no bugs when I moved in). The only other place was the subway, and they don't have upholstered seats. So this isn't a firm report - just a strong suspicion.

OMG, I went to see Harry Potter at this theater on 7/21/11 (3D showing)! When we were going past the Customer Service Desk there was an older woman reporting that she had been bitten in several places in the same theater. When we went outside I looked at my boyfriend who had several red bumps on his arm. He was bitten while watching the same movie!

Went to see Harry Potter 7.2 at the AMC Lincoln Square, came out of the theater, my companion was covered with the telltale itchy red welts, at least 2 series of the "mark of three."

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