586 Wilson Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11207-1217

Found 2 reports:

we are being evicted from 586 wilson ave apt 3L, i refused to pay rent to a landlord that did nothing to fix the bed bug problem, wow he gave me a bottle of poison!! i made complaints to HPD and nothing, in court he was told to take care of problem, i got rid of all my furniture and all they did was laydown poison. There is a bad infastation in this building, i got no furniture, sleeping on the floor and still get bitten.
The lanlord scott a jewish skinny man refuses to pay for the furniture i

lost and refuses to return my security deposit.
This bed bug problem is not new i been having this problem for 2 years now...im moving and taking nothing hoping to finally get rid of these bed bugs and leave them all behind..
so beware there are bed bugs in this building, in my apt all the rooms even in the kitchen..
im pretty sure they are all over the building, the white people from the first floor moved out cause of the bed bugs

see full report...

A prostitute/intraveinous drug user/resident of 3L refuses to move out (documented in court) and has an infestation that has spread to all 3 floors of this building .

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