885 Park Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11206-7301

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we live at 885 park avenue. many months ago (around june) we reported to the land lord SEAN (total shit head) that some of us were receiving bites. he dismissed it, told us to find some one on our own and to subtract the extermination bill from the rent. long story short, never dealing with this situation before, we found agency that out sources exterminators. they sent a guy over by the name of justin (774) 488- 4124 (another asshole). who came over for two sprays, spewed off some bullshit abo

ut his bed bug expertise. never told us to get bed bug specific mattress covers, and eventually stopped picking up his phone when we told him we had more sightings..

we have been living out of trash bags, sleeping in the living room, living in total paranoia for way to long. obviously upset i call sean and express to him our misery. he tells me to find some one else and subtract it from the rent again. we call the bed bug king of ny, multiple treatments later, i believe were in the clear but who knows.

in the mean time, i find out at the the of october the ownership of 885 has switched hands. the new land lord comes knocking on my door for the money that the previous landlord neglected to subtract from the exterminations. i have receipts and texts from sean, i assume were safe as renters but im beyond exhausted....

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