528 Willoughby Ave
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Dear Prospective Tenant Please Be careful of what you Read! Of the five allegations below by the mentioned alleged residents, only two residents: Rose & Dana ever resided at the premise. I never rented anything to nor have I ever met a: LINDA THOMAS, CLAUDIA, AND JOHN STREY. Currently, all the residents that occupy the house have lived there since August 2011 or prior. STRANGELY, none of the names of the tenants are consistent with any of the names on the allegations (reports below).To top it of

f, I spoke with all the tenants in the building yesterday except for the one that I am in the process of evicting (her out of her shared room) (Hilda Guity) and none of the other tenants have reported bedbug findings nor did they make any allegations about bed bugs existing at this property to any city agency, web site, or etc.

My reasons for talking with all the tenants in the building is because HPD, a city agency, informed me that an alleged bedbug complaint made by someone yesterday! This is the second complaint made within two weeks (5/17/12, 6/1/12). On 5/24/12, HPD went to the address and as a result of their findings they closed the case and no bed bug violation was issued. Ok, today is 6/2/12, I have two court dates this month with Hilda Guity. Since, I started this court process 5/2/12, she has called the cops, made attempts to damage the building, and continues to be a nightmare! She has overstayed her welcome and has no lease. She refuses to leave (no place to go) and pay (no job), court was our only option.

Hilda Guity has never alerted me of such bed bug issue. This is a retaliation device to attempt to hurt the reputation of this building because I want her out. In fact, I haven’t heard of any bedbug complaints since early 2010. In past bed bug incidents, I took immediate action in both cases, spending over $7,000 in expenses to eradicate the problem. Since that time, I have had two additional sprayings totaling up to about $4,000 in expenses. All of which, I have receipts & reports to prove. Moreover, I require mattress covers. I take this matter very seriously!

Hilda Guity is very spiteful and vindictive thus would resort to falsifying information to damage the reputation of the building, as in this case. While we are in court, the tenant is trying to bring up other alleged issues to distract the judge from the main issue that I want her out. Again, please be very careful on where your sources of information are coming from because as shown above these recent allegations (2011) are not true and the prior complaints were subjective..

Happy Apartment Hunting! Be careful of Hilda Guity... she could possibly bring bedbugs to your apartment intentionally if you take her to court or stir up the possibility of existing bed bugs which is just as bad, unable to find a job, unwilling to leave, owing $4,000 and not willing to be a responsible adult a pay her share of the rent. Avoid the drama and stay away!

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Finally Moving From this Bed Bug infested neighborhood. the bite marks from the bed bugs on my body will forever remind me of the mistake i make by moving to this neighborhood.

We have millions of bed bugs in my bedroom i hired 10 exterminators and none of them have been able to get rid of the problem i wake up with 20 bed bugs on my pillow and his is my third mattress in one year


My roomates and I currently live in the same exact apartment mentioned on this site. We heard the rumors of bedbugs and seen one in the bedroom. The landlord exterminated the entire building a few times and changed all of our bedroom floors to wood. We were also told to avoid picking up free stuff from the street as did the previous renters & to avoid cluttering. We also purchased mattress covers for our additional proctection. We have not seen a bedbug since Janurary 2010.

Bedbug infestation in apt for the 6 months tenant was living there. Landlord did not specify bedbug issue prior to move-in. Tenant broke lease to thwart major bedbug infestation that did not cease after 3 fumigations in 4 months. Bedbug problem was an issue for past residents as well.

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