191 Troutman St
Brooklyn, NY 11206-6303

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To the above comment- could you please provide the name of your landlord? I live nearby and the situation you describe sounds like something my landlord would pull- dirty building but renovated apartment, and his inability to believe his tenants. Thanks!

At 191 Troutman apartment 2R in the middle of August 2009, my sister and I found a bedbug in my bed. We freaked out and threw away our beds and pillows immediately. Our life immediately was turned upside down and we became horribly stressed out and depressed. Our apt was newly redone and we are clean freaks so this situation was completely a surprise. However, our building was in disgusting condition. Our neighbors were not clean the hallway and stairs were disgusting and smelled extremely fowl.

Our guess is we got them from our hallway or neighbors as we never bring in anything off the street or have friends who had bedbugs at that time.

We washed or dry cleaned every piece of clothing we owned which ended up costing us a ton. we went through every item and single scrap of paper that was in our apt.

Our landlord was the worst. While he did eventually pay for the exterminator, He did not alert the rest of the building, he didn't clean the hallways, only agreed to one application of extermination spray and in the beginning he didn't even believe we had them.

We took it upon ourselves to put up signs in our building as we sorted through our lives and tried to maintain sanity. We eventually moved out after losing thousands of dollars due to our inability to rent our apt on our own.

We threw out practically everything that we couldn't throw in the wash or dry clean. We still do not have a couch.

This situation caused so much stress and money - we missed work, couldn't concentrate, became antisocial. . . it was the worst experience of my life.

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