179 Jefferson St
Brooklyn, NY 11206-6302

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Bed bugs in 1R? Never had 'em. I lived there for one hellish year.

What I did have was... valuable items stolen as the front door was never shut properly by the other tenants, no front door at all for 10 days, constantly bombarded with people yelling outside, no heat in my bedroom, unresponsive landlord, neighbors that stood outside my door and window all night to yell about their personal issues, garbage and recycling bins that slammed into my bedroom window when opened, and a complete lack

of sleep for a year.

Bed bugs though? Nope. Not even a dead one. There were some mice and rats though.

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I lived in Apt 1R starting in August of 2009. Around Sept '09, my roommate noticed bites all over her. Long story short, we had to go through six exterminators (with bug sniffing dogs), threw out more than half of our possessions, and spent several hundred dollars (and several, several LONG days) at the laundromat disinfecting everything. thousands of dollars were spent.

landlord was pretty unhelpful, didn't want to let us out of our lease. he wanted us to continue living in bedbug hell becau

se he thought we brought them into the building. or something.

we moved out in april because it just wasn't worth the sleepless nights and feeling totally insane/violated by microscopic parasites.

landlord has since filled the apartment, which leaves me with the impression that that entire building is just fucked. i feel bad for whoever is stuck in there now. i bet they are very itchy.

i do hope my next door neighbors got bedbugs though. their band really fucking sucked.

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