41 Jefferson St
Brooklyn, NY 11206-6003

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We first noticed bites on my girlfriend in late May. She was having terrible allergic reactions, so after a bit of research, we called the exterminator. They did the first treatment on 6/09, and it seemed to do some good, although we were still getting bites (which they warned us might happen).

About a week later, my girlfriend got back to town and as we were moving back furniture, we found a live nymph and woke up with numerous bites. While we waited for a second exterminator appt, we s

pread diatomaceous earth and filled in many cracks in the floorboards. Still more bites each night.

The second exterminator did touch ups on 6/28, and was very informative and encouraging. "You're doing everything right - if I had bedbugs, my place would be like this too." Yet a week later, we're still getting bit.

We've done some research and found that this building has a history of bedbug infestation. I love our apartment and our neighbors are very nice, but we may have to move if we cannot get rid of these bedbugs.

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