890 Broadway
New York, NY 11206-5901

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On August 5th, I visited this theater for and evening movie. I had 3/4 pants and felt a prick on my shin. I went to brush my leg and saw a bug fly off. Thought it was a mosquito that bit me and thought nothing more.

Fast forward to Friday, as I was drying off from a shower, I noticed a row of six angry red dots trailing down my shin. Confirmed with my allergist, bed bugs. This theater is old and not the cleanest, so I shouldn't be too surprised but I'm utterly disgusted they don't make it a

regular practice to exterminate.

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Went to see the film "Expendables". The seats there are cloth, as in every theatre. As I was watching the film, i felt an itching all over my left shoulder. When I left the theatre it got more intense. By the time I got back to the Hotel, I took off my sweater and a bed bug fell out. I had just arrived in New York, not 7 hours earlier from Los Angeles. Needless to say I was freaked out about bringing them back to my home. I zipped up all my bags and threw my clothes into a bathtub full of hot wa

ter. Major EWWW.

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