850 Broadway
New York, NY 11206-5901

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Got 12 bites all over my back and legs along where the seat was against my body (Saturday, May 12, 2012). I just called the theatre to let them know and and the manager at this location said that they had just had an exterminator come by yesterday and that this was the first complaint he had gotten in years...yeah right...

first, wrong zip code. It's 10003.

Second, Went to see Cowboys and Aliens 8/11/2011. Was scratching through the entire movie. Now I'm scratching at home. Having Bell Environmental come with their dog to check for bed bugs. I hope we don't have them.

Regal Union Square Cinema, July 9, 2011 - We went to a movie in theater 14 of the Regal Union Square Cinema. On the way home we noticed fresh bites all over the legs of our four-year old, who was wearing shorts. There are about 10-15 bites all over his legs - large round spots with ar red centers. They seem to be bedbug bites as they are very close together, which is supposedly how they happen. There's no question that he got these all in this theater. They have a major problem. I will not

return, that's for sure.

see full report...

As soon as I stepped out of Auditorium 2, my ankle was itchy. Thought I had felt something on my legs during the movie and now I have two bed bug bites.


Felt an itching on the back of my leg while watching a film in theater 12. When I got home I found a three bit mark triangle!

Husband was covered in bites after seeing a movie at the theater! Now we have in our house. We are freaking out!!!

You have this listing under the wrong zip code. This listing is for the United Artists Union Square Stadium 14 at 850 Broadway, New York, NY 10003. After searching for the correct address, your website says: “There are no bedbug encounters on record for this address.” – which is not true.
Please correct the error, as this is a very popular theatre. Thanks.

10/24/10 - Noticed bites all over my rightleg right after returning home from the theater. Disgusting. Never going back. I really hope I did not bring any home.

I'm pretty sure I got a couple of bites at the Regal Union Square yesterday (12/27/09) in the balcony of Auditorium 4. Ugh. If I brought any home with me, I am going to go ballistic.

I got bitten all over my back and arms by bedbugs at the UNion Square Regal movie theatre on 11 November 2009. Disgusting.

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