159 Ellery St
Brooklyn, NY 11206-5205
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My girlfriend just moved into this building 2 months ago and just found one on her comforter last night. She said it was about the size of an apple seed. We're hoping the new management does something about it.

I agree with the above poster -- I just moved into this building last month. Unfortunately I didn't know about the Bedbug Registry before I moved in. The worst thing is that only half the people in the building seem to care at all that the whole building is infested, so it's going to be impossible to get rid of the bugs. It's so disgusting and the management is not very helpful. I agree: DON'T move in here.


I got totally mauled and caught one in my bed.
And found another in the boxspring.
This is the second time I've dealt with them, so I know what I'm looking for.
I've also talked to others in the building and they have them, but won't report or get exterminated. Do NOT move in here!

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