590 Broadway
Brooklyn, NY 11206-4320

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Dates: Oct 2009 - Dec 2009

My roommate and I moved to this residence through Rapid Realty, only to discover it was infested with bed bugs and had been for some time. All of the residents there had them, and apparently “just didn’t care”. When confronting the landlord about it, he said that he had already exterminated prior to our moving in, that extermination was an expensive process and he wouldn’t have someone in to spray again. He did, however, purchase $30 spray from Home Depot an

d recommend we spray the apartment ourselves once a day. Well, I recommend that NO ONE move here or do business with Rapid Realty. When we called Rapid to explain our situation hoping for some support, I spoke to numerous brokers and managers, and they all explained that it was our problem and that Rapid Realty in no way is required to screen apartments before leasing them.

We ended up having to break our lease after living there for 2 months. We threw away mattresses, shoes, luggage, photographs, our couch, two chairs, and our sanity. The only thing the landlord had to say was "Just be out before the first of the month or I will charge you accordingly"

We are currently in a lawsuit against the landlord/apt company for damages and rent.

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