250 Moore St
Brooklyn, NY 11206-3857

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I guess someone is having problems with 250 moore street's bugs.


Which floor are you on Scritchee? The landlord says that there is concrete in between the floors so they shouldn't be able to spread from one floor to another very easily. I guess there's always the stairways, and who knows anyways.

Got first bites around 7/14/08 but thought it was mosquitoes. Three days later I was just waking up and getting on my laptop and I saw one crawling across it, squished it and then noticed about a dozen bites on my right forearm.

Immediately called the landlord. They gave me a pest control guy's phone number and he was over within an hour. I left for for hours. He sprayed with something called "Suspend". I hope it takes. The building has just gotten hit with several cases from what I see here.

They should just spray the whole damned building down.

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Why isn\'t anyone here calling 311 to report this? It\'s the only way it will ever stop.

It's confirmed. We found a live bug tonight.

I think we have them on the 1st floor. I got bites a number of nights in a row. Then I left for a couple weeks. When I got back, I got bites for a couple nights and we found a few areas where it looked like there was bed bug excrement. It looked like pictures we had seen online. We called the landlord. The exterminator came and sprayed the apartment. He said he had sprayed the apartment next door the week before! And the excrement we found looked like it was coming from the wall closest to that

next door apartment! I think they had them and then the bugs came through the wall to us. So, the exterminator has sprayed, but I'm worried because I don't think pesticide kills the egss (so those could still be hatching) and we think they're living in the walls! In that case, spraying our apartment isn't going to kill them all.

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We have them in one of our rooms on the 4th floor.
The landlord will send someone to spray.

call 311 and report it!!!!
then send a registered letter via usps to the landlord/office. keep and paper trail and don't pay your rent until it gets fixed!! tell everyone in the building to do the same!!!

the whole neighborhood is infested...move away!

Roommates bed

at first thought it was a rash. found out they exterminated downstairs...only one room, by a crappy exterminator. continued to get dozens of bites a night. horrible. landlord waited weeks to do anything. then sent them agiain. then again. threw out all matresses. tried everything. one bite became systemically infected. after three months of hell we thought they were gone. only to have them come back.

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