15 Thames St
Brooklyn, NY 11206-3826

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This place is nothing more than a glorified squat. Hoarders, psychos, thieves and overall losers live here. Bedbugs feel right at home here. Eww.

For one thing, this place is an absolute hovel, it's a filthy, firetrap of a building, crammed full of hippies and alternative types trying to live 'off the grid'. There are bedbugs crawling up the walls in broad daylight! I don't go to events here anymore, because of the bedbug problem, my roommate is in a band and his band refuses to do shows here, because nobody wants to come home with the scourge.
I asked a guy who lives there once what they are doing about the bedbugs. His response

'everywhere in Brooklyn has them'.
Avoid this place.

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