248 Mckibbin St
Brooklyn, NY 11206-3509

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Bedbugs...We were moving out and the movers could literally see bedbugs crawling on our furniture

Guys,there is no bedbugs in this building. i live here 2.5 years and management does a great job and no one in the building that i know had bedbugs. the management is even offering free extermination in case you have any roach or ant problem, but no Bedbugs here. dont make me feel like a live in a horrible place. it is great here.

I live here and I know of know bugs. An infestation is a very obvious thing. You cannot miss it. I have been here for two years... no bugs. I have spoken to everyone I know in the building... no bugs.


i agree with Nathan, being a mckibbin resident for 3 years now i dont think the building is bed bugs infested. i had never had any issues with bedbugs and non of my roommates had any history here at Mckibbin. i think the person who did experiance bedbugs picked it up somewhere outside the building and claims Mckibbin to be a infested building. i dont think it's right it makes us tenants to be worry for nothing.

i agree with Nathan to keep our apartments clean and even the common a

reas as well and be careful at work or on the train and any public area where bedbugs could be a great concern.

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i live in 248 Mckibbin for almost 5 years now and i have NOT had any bed bugs problems. i know that some people who live here are not that clean and they probably bringing the bugs from other places to their lofts. i would suggest my neighbors please keep your lofts clean and trash free so you wont have any issues.

My roommate found 1 and she got bit now I'm scared for my life that I'll get them.

Bed bugs! Building management was awful to work with. They do spray, but do a shit job.

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